Good prepared, quick response to the “Wideraufbau” time of China Textile market

The COVID-19 has posed severe challenges to the various industries worldwide in 2020 and has stagnated their growth. The textile industry is no exception.

However, thanks to proactive measures implemented by the Chinese government, the epidemic situation has remained stable and the economy recovered rapidly since the second half of this year and the market improved thereafter.

Although the cold winter is not over yet, the warm spring will not be far behind -

It is the same situation as ILLIES business in Chinese Textile Market 2020.

During the worst time, ILLIES China Textile team didn’t stop but armed itself with adjusted sales strategy based on completed market analysis and thus was well prepared for the quick response to the market changes after the epidemic time. As a result, ILLIES China caught up the fast “Wiederaufbau” time and created a great success of sales.

Therefore, we’ve created a detail report of ILLIES in the Chinese Textile Market 2020.Through the report, we want to share you the valuable information about Chinese textile market in 2020, including:

  • General review about the domestic textile market in 2020
  • the well received machine types in different region in China, including
    • Zhejiang and Jiangsu Province: TM-3 and HKS 3-M ON Tricot Machine
    • Fujian Province: RD 7/2-6 EN and RDJ 6/1 EN Double Needle Bar Raschel Machine
    • Guangdong Province: HKS 2-SE Tricot Machine with 2 Guide Bars
    • Multi-axial warp knitting machine to produce technical textiles, especially the technical textiles which can be used in the wind power industry.
  • Overall market prospects about next year